Cloud Migration

Our cloud specialists will perform a detailed analysis of your operations and existing systems. They will then take an advisory approach presenting design recommendations based on optimum efficiency and a transition that avoids interruptions. Below are some of the benefits of cloud migration.

Reduction of on premises hardware

Depending on your business model, there could be significant cost savings from the reduction of computer hardware eliminating costly upgrades, licensing and more. 


Redundancy of availability zones

Cloud providers have multiple availability zones across the country. Everything from storage to databases and more can be copied across these zones creating an optimum level of redundancy and failover options.


Many components in the cloud can be elastic. This means that as you grow they will grow with you without having to enact any hardware changes. There are also options to distribute the load if you encounter unexpected high network traffic. Computer systems can also be quickly upgraded without the challenges of data transfer or having to reinstall your software. 


Faster Deployment

The cloud features a menu of different kinds of networking options, virtual machines, databases and much more that can be quickly added on demand. This means that as you require more resources, we can easily expand your system as your business requires, deploying your needs faster than ever before.